Incubadora Administradora de Imóveis

Incubadora Administradora de Imóveis

The organization 'Minha Imóvel Bombinhas' came from the union of three friends and colleagues:

  • Caroline Medeiros Togni Terme - Real Estate Broker (CRECI - SC 31.525 - CPF 008.475.300-51)
  • Doriane Rossi - Real Estate Broker (CRESCI / SC 5.339 / 18)
  • Rodolfo Michelon Terme - Administrator (CPF 942.653.130-00)

Having this partnership started in 2015, and through high quality services, transparency in negotiations and specialized real estate consultancy, we have achieved a high level of customer and partner satisfaction, allowing us to grow and stand out in the real estate market of the region.

Located in a region with some of the most beautiful beaches of the Brazilian coast and strategically located in an easily accessible place, it has a wide portfolio of clients and real estate to meet your needs and interests. In addition to intermediary purchase / sale and rental of real estate, it also offers real estate management and real estate appraisal services.

Whether it's to live, vacation, work or invest, we're ready to serve you!

We work so that your property is your best deal!


One of the most beautiful refuges of Santa Catarina, Bombinhas is located in the northern region of the state. Formed by native forest, it is famous for its beautiful beaches with crystalline waters, abundant natural wealth and the quality of life.

Elected among the five best beaches in Brazil, Bombinhas goes far beyond natural beauties. Currently, the city has an excellent infrastructure that keeps it active during the four seasons of the year.

Why invest here? The city has an excellent infrastructure, without losing its coastal astral. With excellent gastronomic options and leisure for all tastes and ages, tourist attractions are not lacking. Close to major state airports and major cities, it has good roads and breathtaking landscapes all the way.

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contato@incubadoraimoveisbombinhas.com.br - Unidade 1: Av. Leopoldo Zarling, 1089, Bairro Bombas, Bombinhas / SC - Brasil - CEP 88.215-000 Unidade 2: Av Vereador Manoel José dos Santos, 1421, sala 06, Bairro Centro, Bombinhas / SC - Brasil - CEP 88.215-000 - +55 (47) 3369.0113