Beaches of Bombinhas

Information and characteristics about some of the 36 beaches that belong to the municipality of Bombinhas.

Bombinhas has 36 official beaches. Some of them are accessible only by trails or by the sea.
Below are the main ones, arranged in a clockwise sequence around the municipality:


# Wild and Wild. Known for the few and located in Ponta da Galheta, or Ponta de Bombas, this tiny beach with a little more than 100m is formed of sand, stones and shells, it is the first beach to the north of the municipality of Bombinhas and can be considered the most wild, being little frequented because of the difficult access.
The beach is deserted and offers no structure, no drinking water. All garbage produced must be taken away.
How to arrive: On foot - In the left corner of the beach of Bombas, a trail starts with a little more than 1 km of access to the beach.
By car - Take the road that connects Porto Belo to the village of Pescadores do Araçá, passing the village follow the mud road towards the tip of Galheta. Arriving at Jackes Costeau square, from where you have one of the most beautiful views of the beaches of Bombas and Bombinhas, park your car in the vicinity and head downhill until you reach the coast where a trail with approximately 60 steps will take you to the paradisiac beach.


# Traditional and Quiet. It is the most family beach in Bombinhas and has good hotels and restaurants. With 2 km of its clean sand and clean waters, Bombas offers the whole structure for a pleasant summer. The versions for the appearance of its name are practically the same as those of Bombinhas. The only difference is the extent of the beach, whose beating of its waves produces a stronger sound, resembling a larger bomb.
It has several restaurants facing the sea, which serve as support for the tourists of one day and its border is mainly occupied by summer houses.
It is the first beach to be sighted by those who arrive to the municipality via Porto Belo and its monumental landscape can already be admired there.
In the winter, fishermen can be observed at the beach mending their nets and waiting for a school of mullet.
Activities - Surfing, Throwing Fishing, Bathing, Water Sports, Hiking.
Infra Structure - Save Lives in summer, General Retail, Pharmacy, Doctor, Dentist, Hotels, Inns, Camping, Restaurants and Rental Houses.

Bombas 3
Bombas 3

# Calm and serene. Located between Bombas and Bombinhas beaches with an extension of just over 200 meters is the ideal for those seeking tranquility for their sunbathing and sunbathing.
You can reach it through trails along the coast starting from Bombas and Bombinhas. Or by a dirt road from the main avenue. The alodiais lands belong to the private initiative that there intends to develop a tourist project.
Infrastructure - None

Ribeiro 3

# Famous and Agitated. It is the capital of the municipality and also the busiest. It offers a calm sea, with crystalline waters, suitable for bathing. In its almost 1,000m of extension, we still find remnants of sand of white quartz and very fine, that to the contact with the feet causes a noise. The name of this beach is due to the noise caused by the crashing of the waves, which resembles the overflow of a small bomb.
There are several bars and restaurants on the edge of the beach, highlighting beautiful holiday homes being some for rent.
Bombinhas offers a range of options when it comes to hostels, which exist for all tastes and pockets. Those who wish to rent houses will have no difficulty at all.
Be sure to visit Vila do Engenho, a live museum of Azorean culture, where you can see flour mills and sugar cane mills working and producing molasses and the best cassava flour in Brazil
The small bay that frames the crystalline waters of Praia de Bombinhas has at the tip of the Zarling a beautiful reference. Not yet occupied, it offers a beautiful visual for those who visit it, whether by land, sea or air.
Bombinhas is located in the dive operators, offering lessons and boat trips for diving.
The proximity of the Marine Biological Reserve of Arvoredo and the good conditions of visibility of the waters make that Bombinhas is also known as the Brazilian capital of ecological diving
After Ponte, on the right, we have the street of the Pousada, the friendliest of the municipality housing some of the best restaurants and Pousadas in the Region.
Infrastructure - Hotels, Inns, Bank, Bars Restaurants, Camping, Pharmacy, Doctor, Dentist, Diving Schools, Boats, Rental Houses.

20180531 161555
20180531 161555

# Centro Nautico. There are three small beaches attached to Bombinhas beach, separated by shores and stones.
The first, the beach of Trapiche is the nautical center of Bombinhas. From there they leave several boats of walking being also point of departure of the schools of dive of the municipality.


# Shadow and fresh water. Praia do Embrulho is a tombo beach, where the waves burst very close to the sand, but in general, safe beach and also without fountain. Adjacent to it is Lagoinha beach, quiet and suitable for those who want to start diving. Very common to spot turtles and fish. Tourists usually bring ration or loaves of bread to feed the colorful fish, which appear in abudance. It has a snack that completes the day of leisure.

Lagoinha 5
Lagoinha 5


# Paradise! Quiet, crystalline waters with the highest temperature on the beaches of Bombinhas. Very sought after by tourists, as much for its waters as for the trail that follows until the end of the hill. With the help of a guide, it is possible to visit a natural swimming pool that exists there. Coasting the hill on the south side (sighting Bombinhas), you can pass by the lovely beaches of Cachalote and Biguá. It has been called Praia da Baixada, because of its local character. In 1840 Major Jose da Silva Mafra had two taipas erected to encircle a pig farm, at which time there was a serious misunderstanding between two slaves. This fight that resulted in the death of one of them, buried right there. Since then they have come to call it Sepultura Beach.

Sepultura 08
Sepultura 08

# For camping, fishing and diving. It has 100 meters and most of the allodial area belongs to the Catholic Church, where there is a camping with huts and restaurant. Next is being built a small condominium that will make the beach public, definitely. Access for cars and pedestrians is by the coast, direct from Bombinhas beach. Good place for scuba diving and for sport fishing. Open to the public. In the middle of the XIX century an English ship was damaged in the place. Many people went there to see the ship and its crew, for they had never seen an authentic English. In 1967 the beach was acquired by the Catholic Church, to be built there a retirement home; hence also the name Retreat of the Fathers.

Retiro dos Padres

# The Beach of the Galera. Ideal beach for those who already have a bit of knowledge and respect for Neptune. The beach, whose formation is constantly changing, is sought after by those who like to catch alligators, swim and chat in the poolside bars. It has restaurants and bars of the most diverse types. In the left bank there is a camping that only works in the summer, in fact what happens with practically all the campings of the region, with the exception of Flor do Mar and Pousada do Arvoredo. In summer it is there that the people meet.
The four islands, which gave it the name: Galés, Deserta, Macuco and Arvoredo, which make up the Arvoredo Marine Biological Reserve. Also known among the natives also as Praia de Fora.

# A Reserved. With 150 meters of well protected beach, located between the hill of Four Islands and the beach of the Mariscal. Usually it is the destiny of who walks by Marshal. It has a hostel and a camping.

# Spacious and Clean. It is 4 km and is ideal for bathing and hiking. In winter and fall it is conducive to the practice of pitch fishing. Zero pollution and much sought after by surfers. In Mariscal there are good hotels and inns. Its name is due to the numerous existence of the mollusk on this beach, popularly known as seafood.

Atalaia e Mariscal
Atalaia e Mariscal

# The Last Reduct. The small village of Canto Grande located on an isthmus in the municipality of Bombinhas is undoubtedly one of the last strongholds of our coast for those who are behind peace and tranquility. This small village (more or less 800 inhabitants) is mainly made up of fishermen, maricultores and their descendants who take pride in being called "natives". Many still keep alive the traditions inherited from their ancestors, such as the Boi de Papão, the Suit of Kings, the Farra do Boi and the artisanal fishing, is practiced by some heroes like Tó, João da Luisa, Passo and the immigrant Dico, and that still give vacationers and occasional tourists the pleasure of enjoying a good shrimp or a fresh anchovy.
The center of the village is at the foot of the Morro do Macaco, now a municipal park waiting for better care and measures of the public power, since the part of the community is being made, with the planting of trees and a strict vigilance of the firemen on duty, role assumed by young people of the community, always attentive in putting out the fire caused by an irresponsible tourist. The view from the top of Monkey Hill is splendid: to the north the beaches of Mariscal and Quatro Ilhas, to the east the islands of Arvoredo Biological Reserve (Galé, Arvoredo, Deserta), to the west to Baia de Zimbros and to the South the Island of Santa Catarina.
A walk along the Tainha trail, on the edge of the Zimbros inlet, is another excellent leisure option for those who are not content with just their idyllic beaches, the Mar de Dentro, the Mar de Fora and the Conceição.

# A privilege. Bathed by the waters of two inlets, the village of Canto Grande is privileged in front of the other localities of the municipality of Bombinhas, because it offers options of frequency according to the wind. Praia do Mar de Fora, located on the east side of the village, is ideal for those who prefer a rather hectic sea, with waves ideal for alligator and surfing. Its crystalline waters give it the title of the purest and cleanest of the region, it is also much sought after by the fans of the fishing of the pitch and its waters, in the months of July and August, they serve as refuge for the whales that migrate of Antarctica. Its clean sands are confused with those of the beach of the Mariscal and it makes an ideal scenario for the adepts of healthy walks. During the summer on request, after a delicious sea bath, are the famous snacks of the Lino's bar, always accompanied by a beer and the Atlantic Ocean to be enjoyed. Note the jet ski is not welcome.

# Monastic Sands and Natural Pool. Separated from Praia do Mar de Fora by the islet in the corner there is a place for private boats for fishing and leisure. Community leisure area. natural pool and diving beaches.

IMG 2751
IMG 2751

# Praia do Cardoso, Lagoa, Praia Triste and Praia Vermelha, respectively located from the right end of the beach of Zimbros, access is only possible through the trail. During the walk you can know a little more about the process of occupation of the peninsula that gave rise to the municipality.
Although the trail is very accentuated and a little long, it can be done without problems by sports enthusiasts and those who do not practice, provided they had motivation, some physical training and have available two or three hours to calmly enjoy the wonders of the place. Its name is given by the first Azorean explorers who found here a plant of the family of the Pinaceae, a shrub that presents aromatic and medicinal fruits. From the juniper berries is made the alcoholic beverage known as geneva.

BEACH OF THE CARDOSO OR CANTINHO (one can observe several vestiges of destroyed houses)
With the name of one of the first families to own, the beach of Cardoso or Praia do Cantinho, marks the beginning of the coast of the cove of Zimbros. It has an approximate extension of 130 meters.
The trail at the beginning is very easy to be covered and it arrives very quickly the first two beaches, (Cardoso and Lagoa). Some people make this stretch in search of privacy and tranquility to escape the hustle and bustle of the most famous beaches in the city.

Beach that features a lagoon between its sand and the forest that surrounds it. In this beach is located the dam that supplies great part of the municipality. Extension: 300 meters
Location and access also by trail, situated after the beach of Cardoso.
Activities and infrastructure: Proprice for a relaxing dip.

Carry this name because it was where the families of slaves said goodbye, but sadness passes away from visitors who appreciate its natural beauty. It has an approximate extension of 380 meters of practically deserted beach. Water calm and quiet, ideal for a sea bath.
From this stretch the walk gets heavier, with some relatively strong climbs, however, nothing that can not be beat. There are vestiges that the trail is also much used by motocross practitioners, certainly recommended.

Further on we arrive at Red Beach, the mud that flows from the slopes, colors the beach and lends its name. It has an extension of 600 meters.
It is the furthest beach from the shores of Zimbros, and its red sands are said to have medicinal purposes.
The trail seems to continue ahead until the beginning of the next municipality, Tijucas. An excellent trip for those who like to walk on slopes and view beautiful seascapes.


# The Last Stop. Occupied by houses of vacationers is recovering from a disorderly occupation but stands out more and more as the most harsh of the municipality. On windy days the beach is suitable for bathing and diving. Extension 200 meters. On the other side of the hill there is another beach: Porto da Vó and, for you want to explore the region, there is at the tip, accessible only by sea or trail to Cação beach.


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