Investing in Real Estate - Guidelines and Care

If you are thinking of investing in real estate, know here some guidelines, advantages and necessary care.

Why invest in real estate?

Security for your money

A property is a physical patrimony, it is there, within reach of the hands, we can touch it, we can see it. A property is yours, no one takes you away, the government can not freeze you as you already did with savings and bank accounts.

Property retains value

In addition to generating income, a well-chosen property maintains its value and often values more than the simple correction of the money invested.

Property is source of income

A well-chosen property is a source of lifetime income. We all need housing and anyone who can not afford to own the house will always be looking for a good rental property.

They are also a strategy to preserve their economies from periods of high inflation and government policy that hamper fixed income investments.

Holiday Rentals

As long as the owner does not use his property, he can earn rental income.

In addition to the real appreciation of the property, the rental of real estate in the region of Bombinhas / SC allows annual revenue above the income currently perceived by savings.

Our qualified team of brokers can also assist you with the management of your property, carrying out the disclosure, real estate operation, control of guarantees, organization and cleaning, and financial management of the property (rental income and payment of obligations such as electricity, water, gas , condominium, internet, IPTU, ...).

Organization and financial structure

Real estate owners become accustomed to receiving monthly rent from their properties and with these proceeds make their plans in an organized manner.

For example, the rent of an apartment can be used to pay for your annual leave, the children's allowance, a portion of some financing or investment, increase incomes and provide greater stability for retirement ...

Who owns property is usually more independent and stable

Research indicates that while renters, for the most part, used to own debts, people living in their own homes used to have a reserve of money in the bank.

Risks of investment in real estate

Low liquidity

There is no difficult real estate to sell; what may happen is that you are asking too much for it, or paid too much money when you bought it. To have liquidity, you have to sell for what it's worth.

It's hard to sell, it takes work.

It is necessary to announce, deal with brokers, show interested parties, clarify doubts, ascertain the suitability of the parties, etc.

Then there is the 'Meu Imóvel Bombinhas', which can assist you in these stages.


Disregarding economic catastrophes, the only way to lose money is when the region where a property is located devalues.

Generally this process ( which is slow ) occurs due to public policies. The market only complies with the measures taken by the government.

It can be difficult to rent

Some real estate rarely get vacant, but to avoid risk, one can analyze the history of the property before buying and choose to buy already leased.

A good portfolio of customers and suppliers, and a good job of divulging by those who know and dominates this market, facilitates this process.

Tenants in default

This problem only has those who do not observe best practices:

  • Pre-form the transaction by means of a contract;
  • Use law and justice in your favor and you will still receive fine and interest;
  • Require a surety bond or guarantor;
  • Let an experienced real estate agent take care of the selection of likely tenants (they will know how to avoid troublesome ones).

Many responsibilities in managing

Who has, cares ... And a property implies several responsibilities (maintenance, security, cleaning, expenses with IPTU, condominium, water, electricity, gas, ...), even more for those who do not reside near the property.

To eliminate these concerns, you can count on a real estate agent that manages your properties with transparency, responsibility and commitment.

Properties are very expensive

You invest in real estate to build equity , not to join currencies, but we know that this is an investment of great value. If you work in partnership with a good real estate agent, you can get good deals and deals.

Below, we suggest some forms of financial leverage.

Attention when investing in real estate

1. The investment requires dedication and involves

Investing in real estate requires some work. If you are going to buy real estate, there is the time dedicated to find good offers, find out relevant information, visit the most interesting real estate and confirm if they really are everything they seemed to be in the ad.

There is also the cost of telephone calls to ascertain the details of the real estate, the relocation and fees from the transaction.

As discussed in the previous slide , managing real estate works. So if we want to outsource this part of the business, we should be able to make a profit even by paying people, employees or companies who take care of this investment for us.

2. Investments are made with the head, not with the heart

An investment property does not have to be beautiful, it has to make a profit . We will not live in it, we will not work on it, we will profit from it.

We should see a property always as a business, so study the financial details of it to find out how to get the biggest profits on the money we invest.

An investment property should not be seen as good or bad using our normal filters, the ones we would use to buy a home, an office or the office that we dream for our company.

An investment property has to be seen only in its numbers. It can be in a neighborhood that we do not like, it can be a dark room in an ugly building, you can only have an electric shower when you're used to having hot water with a boiler ... as long as you make a profit!

3. Location

We must interpret the location for the purpose for which the property is intended .

In a street full of shops and commerce, is that a good investment that residential property? It may be, it may not be. On the one hand, there is the practicality of the near trade. On the other hand, there is the noise ...

Which feature has greater weight in the process of choosing who will be the end user of the property?

It is important to analyze well the region, the accesses, the trade, the structure and leisure options that are close ...

4. Be aware of the details

It is very important to check the records, incorporation, deed, legal impediments, and the situation of the real estate and its owners.

For example, a person intended to build small student apartment buildings in front of a university.

Some land was evaluated and, although they presented a high price, seemed to allow the construction of apartments enough to compensate the investment.

Everything would be great, if it was not a detail: when checking the municipality's master plan , it was discovered that it would not be possible to make the planned construction. Being a zone of houses, the rate of construction was too low to build a building.

Adding this fact to the value of the land, this investment was not feasible.

Environmental viability also imply restrictions ...

5. Financial leverage

A property represents a high value investment. If you do not have the full recourse for the spot purchase, some of the suggestions below may help make the deal viable:

  • Bank financing for housing credit lines;
  • Acquiring consortium of a Letter of Credit (whether or not contemplated);
  • Acquire in partnership with other people, whether for investment or housing;
  • Acquire an already rented property that generates revenue to help pay the financing or consortium installments;
  • Buy the property in the plant (although take time to enjoy the good, the value is on average 15% to 30% lower).

6. Partnership

Here is the rule that two heads think better than one .

Hire who knows what he does; the cost of this will be much less than the cost of making a mistake.

7. Credibility

Do not waste time on what they say, check credibility for references and history of your partner; know what they have done, get to know their businesses and their businesses.

Past accomplishments may not be a guarantee, but they certainly help to minimize the risk. Do you prefer to work with those who have a fixed establishment, have already negotiated several properties and have knowledge and experience, or who will work for the first time?

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