Bombinhas Islands

Information about the islands sighted in Bombinhas and belonging to the Arvoredo Island Marine Reserve.

Along with the Welsh, Deserta and Calhau islands of São Pedro, it forms one of the three marine biological reserves of Brazil. It has 80% of its total area of ​​27 thousand m² covered with Atlantic Forest and its interior houses the typical fauna of this ecosystem, composed basically of small mammals such as possums and bats, birds and reptiles.
Due to its thick, high vegetation. In many stretches its forest is made up of true secular forests with hardwoods.

Original name of the observation of the general contour seen of a certain part of the sea. The shape of the island loosely resembles the hull of one of these ancient vessels.
It is the smallest of the islands that make up the Arvoredo Marine Reserve, possessing medium-sized vegetation. It presents in its surroundings parcéis with corals of depth that varies of 10 to 20 meters.

It takes this name to present a gray surface, without much expressive vegetation. It is rocky and uninhabited. It is a little further from the coast, and an important place for the reproduction of seabirds, such as the thirty reis and the gull. The dive there is indicated only for those who have experience, since the place is homeless and has strong currents. The depth can reach 40 meters.

The boat access to the island is quite difficult. The place is homeless and the sea currents are very strong. That's why only the most experienced divers should venture there.


Name of indigenous origin. It is a bird of the family of Tinamídeos, of the size of a big chicken. The island is part of the Morro do Macaco Municipal Park and access is by boat. It has an ecological trail and the tour is led by fishermen who know the whole region, giving emphasis to education and environmental interpretation, as well as being an area highly appreciated by divers and amateur fishermen.

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