Legends of Bombinhas

Curiosities, stories and legends told by the ancient masters who lived here.

Dona Alexandrina was an old woman who was dressed in shabby clothes and walked always arcade because of her old age. Everyone thought she was a poor woman, but after her passing, they began to see a strange light coming out of her house. One day a man named Benjamim Caetano had a dream with Dona Alexandrina when she told him that she had left a lot of money in the house, in a pot, under the floor. Everyone was surprised to learn that Benjamin had left the city, taking all that money.

Numerous must have been the pirates and corsairs who passed through these calm and protected waters, looking for natural shelters. However, few are the official records. One of these rare facts dates back to 1591, when the bloodthirsty Thomas Cavendish (of English origin) was here passing through, after plundering the city of Santos.
Another episode dates back to the 1850s, when there was a great movement of pirate ships, corsairs and slave traders in the region.
Wrecks were not uncommon. Some large vessels have been submerged here, such as the Portuguese pataxó Flor do Porto (1885 - between Arvoredo Island and Macuco Island), the Brazilian steamer Orion (1912 - Ilha do Macuco), the passenger ship O Rio 1926 - Ilha do Macuco) and the Lili freighter (1957 - Ilha das Galés). This last one, with important historical collection, was recovered and exposed in the Museum and Marine Aquarium of the CEMAR in Bombinhas.
All this past motivated the local population to tell stories and legends about treasures, such as the case of the Spanish ship, which at the beginning of the 19th century made a landing and burial at the beach of Cantinho, in Zimbros (Sepultura Beach). Some time later he would have returned to fetch the coffin, which they say, instead of containing a corpse, was filled with coins of gold, silver and precious stones.


Dona Erondina (popularly called Dona Aronda) tells that when she was young, she and a friend named Brigida went to fetch water in the waterfall, and when they arrived, they came upon an enchantment (a vision). To such a vision was a beautiful girl who carried in her hands a flower of astonishing beauty. Dona Aronda, curious as she tried to take the flower, was rebuked by her friend who remembered that she was an enchantress, and that according to the ancients, the beautiful girl would take the place of anyone who would take or touch the flower. Frightened, the two of them left the place (and the enchantment) behind.

The ancients report that at the end of the novena prayers in the small church on the hill of the cemetery, the faithful descended and when they returned their eyes, they saw a mysterious light in the window of the chapel. The origin of that light was never discovered, but many imagined it to be a buried treasure in that place.

Many people claim to have already seen them, and when they were sighted, they became birds, butterflies, etc. In the old days, when a newborn began to lose weight and languish to death, especially those who had not yet been baptized, it was believed to be witch disease. The parents, putting the child's coffin across the door of the house, the first woman to appear would be the witch, once again seeking the life of a child, to keep herself forever young. It was customary to protect children by giving them garlic-based medicines and placing open scissors under their pillows.

There is a legend about the appearance of a wooden cross on this beach, around 1823, which the people took seriously. The fishermen of the time fixed it in the sand of the beach, facing the sea. There was a time when the cross had fallen and it was not restored, and that year the fishing was very bad. Then a new cross was built and the abundance of fish again occurred

It is located at the top of the hill on the border between Bombinhas and Porto Belo, before the opening of the current road, was the highest point of the old road. When there was a death in Bombinhas (then Porto Belo district) the body of the deceased was taken to the churchyard of Porto Belo Church, and the shippers usually placed the coffin on the stone to take a breath before starting the descent.
According to popular belief, the place is haunted, voices, noises and moans are heard around the stone; with the older ones avoiding it during the night.

They are two almost identical stones, located in the Beach of the Sepultura. It is believed that they were used by the natives who lived here as points of astronomical or maritime references, because there are two similar stones on the hill of Bombinhas.

It is said that there appeared on Arvoredo Island a man who wore rude and dark clothes, thought that he was a monk, this man took shelter in an existing cave on the island and lived there for a long time, until one day he disappeared in the same way who arrived without leaving a trace, leaving people impressed, thinking that he was some saint or even a wizard.
Today there is still the cave that due to what happened was known as the Grotto of the Monk.

::: CABLE TOCA :::
There are two natural shelters that carry this name. One is located at Fora Beach (4 Islands) and the other at Sepultura Beach. The oldest are told that a corporal of the imperial army who fought in the war of Paraguay and hid from the horrors of this war, hiding in these burrows was hidden for several years.

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