Meet Bombinhas (main characteristics, beaches and services offered)

Summary of the city and characteristics of Bombinhas (gastronomy, beaches and some of the services offered).


Distance from Florianópolis - 61 km
Distance from Porto Alegre - 563 km
Florianopolis Airport - 48 miles
Navegantes Airport - 35 miles
Main tourist attractions: Bombinhas Beach, Bombas, Quatro Ilhas, Marshal, Canto Grande and Zimbros.

Formed by 36 beaches, four islands and two ecological parks, Bombinhas, located 60 kilometers from Florianópolis, is simply enchanting. Bombinhas, which about ten years ago emancipated from Porto Belo, preserved the local vegetation, making the city an ecological paradise. Known as the Ecological Diving Capital, Bombinhas is one of the most sought after resorts for those who practice diving, gaining fame due to its attributes even at the exterior. Many holiday-makers take the opportunity to enroll in the various scuba diving schools scattered throughout the city, which, by boat ride, offer complete material and even a basic diving course with universal entitlement.

Popular beaches
The most known beaches of the municipality are: Bombinhas, Bombas, Quatro Ilhas, Mariscal, Canto Grande and Zimbros. For those who like to move, the ideal is to stay on the central beaches of Bombas and Bombinhas. Highlight is the left bank of Bombas, where you can find a stretch of the Atlantic Forest, now transformed into Gal'heta Municipal Park. Nearby is Four Islands, one of the most beautiful and mystical places in Bombinhas, where the islands of Arvoredo, Galé, Deserta and Macuco are located. The beach of Quatro Ilhas has a sea of ​​crystalline waters and sands rich in quartz crystals, which, according to the esoteric, guarantees the storage of a great load of energy. In addition to the ecological paradise, Four Islands is known internationally because of surfing - it is one of the most favorable places to practice this sport.

So is Marshal. With 4 km of extension, is much wanted by the surfers due to the good conditions of the sea. There, the waters are crystal clear, the sand is white and the slopes stand out for the lush green, a set that arouses the interest of many tourists. The cove of Zimbros, is characterized mainly by the picturesque landscape - boats of artisanal fishermen that adorn their border. The waters are clear and quiet, suitable for children and the practice of water sports. Its Atlantic Rainforest coasts shelter the deserted beaches of Lagoa, Cardoso, Vermelha and Triste that are known only to those who are adept at long walks along the trails.

To finish the route of the main beaches of the municipality of Bombinhas, is the Canto Grande Beach, the most extensive of them all. With calm, cool waters and clean sand, it is suitable for children and the practice of water sports such as windsurfing, jet skiing and sailing. During the summer a good choice is to savor the famous snacks at the beachside bars and restaurants.
Another suggestion is to climb the Morro do Macaco, now municipal park, and see all the islands that make up the Arvoredo reserve.

Nature is the main wealth

As the natural attractions are the main wealth of the city, who goes to Bombinhas, should, firstly, know that the scenery is inviting for a quiet vacation and a meeting with nature. The Arvoredo Biological Reserve, for example, formed by a quadrilateral between the Calhau de São Pedro, Gale Island, Deserta Island and Arvoredo Island, is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating places to visit. A good suggestion to know the reservation is to look for one of the dive operators that has a license to operate in the area. In addition to having several trips there during the day, they also offer basic diving courses.

The ride to the island - depending on the type of boat, winds and sea - takes about an hour. So it is important that you look for an experienced sailor not to face any kind of difficulties at sea during the journey. Walking on the waters, one can appreciate the flora and observe the rich marine fauna. While there, watch the LILI freighter (1957), which sank near Welsh Island

Trails and heavenly scenery
As a good part of the municipality is located inside the Atlantic Forest, with areas still preserved and untouchable, there are several trails that uncover lush landscapes in Bombinhas. To the more adventurous the suggestion is to take the trail that leaves of the Beach of Zimbros, located in the extreme right, and follow towards the beaches Deserta, Cardoso, Red and Sad and to the waterfall of the Triste Beach.

Despite the exhaustive hike, the ride is unforgettable. Another tip is the trail of Morro do Macaco Municipal Park, which is in Canto Grande, probably the most sought after. The walk is only done on foot and from the top of the hill you can see the archipelago of Arvoredo and the beautiful coves of Mariscal and Zimbros.

There is also the option of taking ecological trails on the small hill of Quatro Ilhas beach, next to Bombinhas beach and also towards Praia da Tainha.

Day trips and when the sky gets dark
How about flying at a height of 150 meters on the beaches of Bombinhas and can see from above the clearest waters of the coast of Santa Catarina (the helicopter is in the South corner of the beach of Four Islands) or, perhaps, go to the Municipal Park of the Morro do Macaco - one of the most enchanting views of Bombinhas and make free flight?

The same tour can also be done on the beaches of Canto Grande and Conceição, where there are takeoff points for free flight. There are also options for windsurfing, sailing, water skiing, jet skiing and banana boating on beaches such as Zimbros, Canto Grande (Sea from inside) and Bombinhas, where the waters are calm and suitable for water sports.

Due to its own family beach feature, there are not many hustle and bustle places in Bombinhas, however, the infrastructure of the township is adequate to the demands of tourists. Among the night options are the leisure complex - Vila do Farol, with inn, shops, restaurants and cafes. By the charm and luxury of the place has become a meeting point after the beach. There is also a central avenue, where you can enjoy a music show on the sidewalks and dance, in addition to the dozens of bars installed at the edge of the sea. Most stay open late into the night.
Night tanners and luaus enthusiasts usually go to the quiet beach of Conceição.

One of the main activities carried out in the municipality is the artisanal fishing of shrimp, fish and various seafood, as well as the cooperative of maricultores that make the processing of shellfish and oysters. For this reason, the gastronomy of Bombinhas is typically based on seafood, with simple dishes and rich in flavors and aromas. Among the most appreciated are the caldeirada, fish moquecas, anchovies, prawns, lobsters, siris, squid and octopus.


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